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Say HI to ÖJHV Carinthia

In this brochure we present ourselves as part of the largest room Services of the World - Hostelling International with more than 4.000 Youth Hostels worldwide . The idea is very simple: We strive to offer good quality at socially acceptable prices in a pleasant atmosphere and an intact environment . Our price - performance ratio for members aims to familiarize them Carinthia , its scenic and cultural beauties and the generational poignant togetherness. To have fun, to experience internationality and easy to enjoy the holiday with friends - to offer our homes the best condition . Whether summer or winter , spring or fall , whether groups, families or individuals, whether vacation, sports or seminar stay , rest assured , we will do our best to satisfy you. So - see you soon in Heiligenblut , Klagenfurt, Velden -Cap Wörth and Villach! your team of youth and family guest houses Carinthia

The youth hostel card

The key to more than 4,000 hostels in 90 countries! Hostels are open to all ages. All that is needed is a valid hostel card. To become a member, you can use our online ordering service on www.oejhv.at or call us in the Secretariat at 0463/230019 on! Of course, the youth hostel card is also available in our homes!

Quality and Standards

  • Optimum price / performance ratio
  • Clean and comfortable rooms and leisure facilities
  • buffet breakfast and three-course lunch and dinner menus with rich Salad
  • Continuous and externally controlled Standard & Quality Assurance
  • Family and child friendly facilities

As part of a worldwide association, we are dedicated to our homes more environmentally aware guest oriented and disabled to lead.

No Smoking

All of our youth and family guest houses are a "smoke-free zone", smoking is only allowed outdoors.