Security measure becomes art in Cap Wörth

Tree trunk sculpture on the lake Wörthersee shore

In the Youth and Family Hostel Cap Wörth, the trees on the shore of the lake Wörthersee became a risk for all guests due to branches that could potentially break off. However when these were cleared, a lumberjack had the idea that there is an artist who could make great things of the tree trunks.

This artist is Gerald Wildbahner from Radenthein and he created a tree trunk sculpture from the trunk of an old elm. This represents an encounter tree – just like the different faces, the tree naturally also allows for different viewing angles. But our guests in Cap Wörth are welcome to see for themselves – we think the result is great!

Baumstamm Cap Wörth

Baumstamm Cap Wörth

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